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1 Million Acts of Kindness


An 8-week challenge designed to encourage us to perform random acts of kindness to ourselves, loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, animals, and even the environment – to help create a happier, healthier and more trusting environment.

Think about how happy you feel when a stranger smiles at you in the street, when you donate to charity, take your dog for a walk, help someone at the park fly their kite, offer your seat to someone on the tram, or compliment your partner on how dashing they look – these are all acts of kindness, and all contribute to a happier, kinder way of life.


35 Acts of Kindness in 5 Minutes or Less



GUEST AUTHOR: By Samana Siddiqui  Courtesy:

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Every act of kindness is a Sadaqa (charity)” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Very often though, we feel we don’t have the time for kind gestures, despite our best intentions. These 35 ideas are just some quick things we can do to practice this essential part of our faith.

  1. If someone owes you money, call or email them to extend the time they have to pay you back,  or forgive the debt altogether. “If anyone would like Allah to save him from the hardships of the Day of Resurrection , he should give more time to his debtor who is short of money, or remit his debt altogether” (Muslim).
  2. Teach a child one short verse of the Quran. “The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others” (Bukhari).
  3. Plant something…

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I Love Living Life


Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as a great examples of the celebration of life over limitations.

The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.



Think you’ve got it bad?
Need some encouragement?
Fallen down?
Can’t find the STRENGTH to get back up?

Watch this video. It will help. Then share it with others.


“If I fail, I try again, and again, and again…”
If YOU fail, are YOU going to try again?

It matters how you’re going to FINISH…
Are you going to finish STRONG?

We are put in situations to build our character… not destroy us.

The tensions in our life are there to strengthen our convictions… not to run over us.


Nick is thankful for what he HAS.
He’s not bitter for what he does NOT have.

I have never met a bitter person who was thankful.
I have never met a thankful person who was bitter.

In life you have a choice: Bitter or BETTER?

Seeds of Kindness


Seeds of Kindness 

Plant seeds of kindness,

To grow a kindness tree.

That will drop kindness flowers,

All over you and me.

One way to be kind,

Is to share with your friends.

Kindness is forever,

Kindness never ends.

Compliment others,

That’s what you do.

If you want to have a friend,

Be one too.

There are many ways to be kind,

Many ways, you see.

If we all work together,

We can plant a kindness tree.

Savannah L.

2nd grade

Liberty Bock
Arroyo Vista Charter Middle School
7th grade Math/Science/Robotics